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I'm a student from Kolkata, India. I was barely 3 yrs old when I first read a book and since then there has been no stopping me when it comes to books.I'm not just obsessed about books.I have other hobbies(skating, painting) and ambitions(I'm studying to be a comp sci. engineer and someday make my parents really really proud of me).But BOOKS are something I have always been passionate about. I've learned so much from them.Reading a book is like entering a whole new world.It gave me dreams, hope and friends. And IMO, there is nothing else that someone needs when they have a great book with them. Ok, say maybe I'm a little obsessed. Reading has given me so much. So, I figure writing reviews on the books I read is my way of thanking the community. It is something I can give back. It is my way of helping the authors & publishers so that they keep writing & publishing wonderful books. I don't promise to always write a review for every book I read or as soon as I read, but I'll write as many reviews as possible. Also, I won't let any personal feelings towards any author/publisher compromise any review I write.

It Happened One Wedding

It Happened One Wedding - Julie James


April of 2014 can't come soon enough.Can't wait for IHOW.Love JJ's books, especially the FBI/US Attorney series.Hope she never stops writing them! Or maybe she can stop at, like, 50 books or more!!! By the way, does anyone know anything about the hero & heroine of this book? any guesses? I'm hoping for Sam Wilkins to feature in this one.But I'm guessing I will have to wait more for Sam since he was not in LOVE IRRESISTIBLY.

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I had a lot of expectations from this book. When I had heard that there is a fifth book coming out in this series, my excitement knew no bounds! I had begun a countdown. I got this book as soon as it was released. I'm an avid of Ms James. All her books have been read by me and each of those books are my favourites.Ms James has once again shown everyone why her books occupy the top positions in all her readers favourite lists. Although this book has all the aspects of a trademark of a Julie James book, it has still failed to reach the 4.5-star mark for me. And this coming from a novel of Julie James is a big disappointment for me. I rated it 4-stars only because this series is a huge huge huge favourite of mine otherwise this book woul have had a 3.5star rating. The reason for this is the heroine of this book or rather my inability to connect with her. I found the heroine to be confused. Throughout the book she sends mixed signals to the hero and remains prejudiced towards the hero. While these qualities are enjoyable when found only in the beginning of the story, they are not so entertaining when repeated throughout the whole book. Moreover the hero's feelings for the heroine's far surpasses the heroine's feelings for the hero. As for the hero, I totally loved him! He is also one of the reasons I gave 4 stars to this book. The plot was nice though I felt that the ending was a little rushed. Still it was a good read overall.