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I'm a student from Kolkata, India. I was barely 3 yrs old when I first read a book and since then there has been no stopping me when it comes to books.I'm not just obsessed about books.I have other hobbies(skating, painting) and ambitions(I'm studying to be a comp sci. engineer and someday make my parents really really proud of me).But BOOKS are something I have always been passionate about. I've learned so much from them.Reading a book is like entering a whole new world.It gave me dreams, hope and friends. And IMO, there is nothing else that someone needs when they have a great book with them. Ok, say maybe I'm a little obsessed. Reading has given me so much. So, I figure writing reviews on the books I read is my way of thanking the community. It is something I can give back. It is my way of helping the authors & publishers so that they keep writing & publishing wonderful books. I don't promise to always write a review for every book I read or as soon as I read, but I'll write as many reviews as possible. Also, I won't let any personal feelings towards any author/publisher compromise any review I write.


Haveli - Zeenat Mahal A sweet and charming novella for everyone to enjoy!

As much as I was intrigued by the setting(Pakistan in the '70s), I was also expecting a more conservative and serious story but was I ever so gladly delighted to be stand corrected!

The protagonist is a strong-willed young girl of 20,Chandni or C as likes to call herself. C is stunning, sarcastic and also sensitive. She appears headstrong, impulsive and bratty but is also sweet, caring and vulnerable along with being extremely well read and educated. C is a rebel and larger than life.
C is not afraid to go after the man of her dreams or to not accept her overpowering grandma's decision to marry the man she chooses for her granddaughter.C yearns for her absent father's love and yet is not afraid to thwart his plans when she learns his ulterior motives.

Alpha Male is the perfect antidote for C. His dark good looks, handsome face, cocky attitude and roguish charms endear him to not only Chandni but us too.
He is not just good-looking, wealthy, cocky and smart but also sweet and caring and totally infatuated with C.

The sexy sparring between them was highly entertaining. Together they made a very adorable couple.
The couple obviously had a happy ending but I would have wanted to know the father's reaction when his schemes and plots are derailed.

All in all, a very enjoyable and hilarious story!

My thanks to the author for providing me with a copy of this story for sharing an honest review