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I'm a student from Kolkata, India. I was barely 3 yrs old when I first read a book and since then there has been no stopping me when it comes to books.I'm not just obsessed about books.I have other hobbies(skating, painting) and ambitions(I'm studying to be a comp sci. engineer and someday make my parents really really proud of me).But BOOKS are something I have always been passionate about. I've learned so much from them.Reading a book is like entering a whole new world.It gave me dreams, hope and friends. And IMO, there is nothing else that someone needs when they have a great book with them. Ok, say maybe I'm a little obsessed. Reading has given me so much. So, I figure writing reviews on the books I read is my way of thanking the community. It is something I can give back. It is my way of helping the authors & publishers so that they keep writing & publishing wonderful books. I don't promise to always write a review for every book I read or as soon as I read, but I'll write as many reviews as possible. Also, I won't let any personal feelings towards any author/publisher compromise any review I write.

Sudden Response

Sudden Response (EMS #1) - R.L. Mathewson This book got a 2-star rating because I felt generous.
When I first started reading books by this author, she soon became my favourite. I fell in love with the Bradford boys. But it seems the more I read her books, the more I don't want to read anything more from her.
Any plot seems to be lacking in this story. The biggest ick factor for me in this tory was the MCs relationship with each other and how their friends and family coolly accepted it all.
The MCs are bestfriends since they were eight. The love each other, are attracted to each other and dump their boyfriends and girlfriends and fiancee(in one case) when the said boyfriends and girlfriends and fiancee ask them for time and presence in their lives. They are stuck at the hip with each other always and forever. Oh and the hero's elder brother, mother and dead father are the heroine's pseudo brother,mother and father respectively but thinking about the hero in a brotherly way feels like incest to her and vice-versa.
And this is all in just the first 25% of the story
The character building , and the plot seem to be largely borrowed from the neighbour in hell series. This book lacked or0iginality. I almost didn't finish this book but sucked it up and completed it as I have to use it in a few reading challenges.
If you like the bradford books, do not read this one!